It’s important to choose a company you can trust when you need motor repairs, and with our expert mechanical knowledge you can rest assured your vehicle will be in safe hands.

We cater for all makes and models; our services include:

  • Air conditioning servicing
  • Cambelts
  • Diagnostics
  • Servicing
  • Tyres

If you have any special requests call us directly; we’ll be happy to provide a free estimation.


Its a fact that any car or van’s air conditioning system can suffer from decreasing refrigerant which in turn will lead to poor performance.

Left untreated the circulation of lubricants can change the performance of the air and moisture. Which in turn will cause damage to the system.

Premier Auto are offer the follwing service.

  • Air Conditioning Check
  • Air Con system cleaning
  • Inspection of components and the system as a whole
  • Full system cleaning
  • Refrigerant recovery and replacement
  • Removal of air and moisture from the air conditioning system
  • System leak testing

Contact us for your Air Con needs.

Cam belts

Premier Auto’s offer cambelt replacement in the West Midlands area.  Cambelts also know are tiing belts are control the timing of the piston and valves within your engine. If the timing it out or wrong this can result in serious engine damage.

A worn cambelt can even jump/slip resulting in the value timing changing. If this happens you might have issues with starting, poor performance and worse case engine damage may occur.

All cambelts and component kits used by Premier Auto’s are the highest quality.

Premier Auto’s can replace your cambelt according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you belive your cambelt is due for replacement, let us know your vehicle mileage and details. We will be able to quote for the cost of fitting a new cambelt.


  • Do you have any warning lights, on your dashboard?
  • Do you have any flashing lights that you are not sure of?

Most cars come with a “ECU” (Electronic Control Unit) that will control the perfomance of the car. Premier Auto’s are able to access these “Brain’s” using diagnostics units. We are able to interface directly to the onboard “ECU” of the car or van, to identify the root of the fault, along with the best way to resolve it.

Premier Auto’s is a member of Bosch Car Service garages we can provide :-

  • Vehicle Maintenance,
  • Repairs and Diagnostic

The technicians at your local Bosch Car Service are trained on the latest technologies and have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any faults in your car as quickly and accurately as possible. Any parts that need to be replaced will be of the same quality as those that were originally fitted on your vehicle.


To make sure that your car or van is performing optimally, it is recommend that you have a full service every 10, 000 miles or every 12 months which ever comes first.

We can offer an interim service to ensure all the vital parts of your vehicle are good working order. A lot of the time people have interim service’s at 5,000 miles or 6 months.

All work carried out is fully guaranteed and is within the Government legislation passed in 2003 called Block Exemption, This means that Premier Auto’s may carry out your car service keeping the warranty protected.

You do not have to use a main dealer for your service.

Premier Autos use only genuine car parts of OE standard, your warranty is protected at all times.

For a full detailed explanation of what each of our services entail, please contact us.


Premier Auto’s can inspect your tyres looking for any signs of damage, defects ,worn areas, and tyre deterioration.

Our technicians follow strict guidelines to repairing any tyres, and will advise on the best action that can be taken to repair

If there are any doubts with any tyre will will replace it.

Wheel Balancing

Having the incorrect wheel balancing will cause early wear of the tyres as well as wear of the cars suspension parts.
The vibration from incorrect wheel balancing causes vibration along the steering wheel and dashboard.
If you are finding that you are getting wobbles , this could be a sign you need your balancing looking at.

Reasons to have them checked.

  • Road Handling Improvement
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Protect against uneven wear of tyres.
  • Project your suspension
  • Protect your steering.

Wheel Alignment

Having your Wheels aligned with reduce the wear on your tyres and your cars steering. Have you hit any kerbs or potholes , then you might need to having your alignment checked.
We recommend having your wheels balancing and alignment checked each year.


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